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 Greetings and Blessings! I am David Rhodes  and I was lucky enough to grow up in the Outer Banks, but moved away for too many years. I returned home in 2008 and have no plans to leave again. The ocean and sound are major sources of energy, inspiration and peace for me. Locally I am known  for my sharp wit, zany and occasionally bizarre sense of humor, clear heart to heart communication style, passion for animals, emotional transparency and deep dedication to living a life of conscious contact with the Higher Power. I believe that, while life has challenges, living a joyful life is the point of it all and that consistent joy filled living is possible for everyone. That belief forms the basis of my spiritual counseling services. To me marriage is one of the best vehicles possible to release self centeredness and learn compassion and unconditional love for others. Death is simply a transition to a higher state of consciousness and connection with the Higher Power. Both events are honored and celebrated by OBX Ministries.

    Some of the worldly credentials:

> PhD, Counseling Psychology
> Certified clinical hypnotherapist
 > Licensed, ordained minister
 >Seminar and small group leader
> Platform speaker with 500-1000 person    audiences
 >Successful business owner
> Championship race car driver
> Married with 4 fur babies
> Board member and past         President, OBXSPCA

> A real person without pretense ♥♥♥

     If you want a powerfully memorable Outer Banks wedding by a wedding officiant who enthusiastically practices  "connecting heart to heart ,"  while creating a ton of fun, call us today to save the date!

                      Get to Know Us
       OBX Ministries Wedding Officiants, specializing in beach destination weddings, are wedding service providers at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It grew out of a deep and close friendship between
David Rhodes and his former associate Jack Jones . We both are well credentialed and have much experience in all aspects of counseling, human relations and communication.  More important than all of our degrees, awards, honors, and experience is our commitment to living a joyful spiritual way of life. We dedicate ourselves to helping others discover lives of fulfillment, joy and love. OBX Ministries wedding officiating is in THE place for best destination weddings.

          What better way to benefit and bless people than to be officiating OBX beach wedding ceremonies and respectfully officiating memorial services and funerals to honor good lives at their journeys end? It is an honor, a privilege and a blessing to serve you through officiating these services as well as providing professional spiritual counseling and coaching services for individuals and couples!
        Notice our logo, 2 hearts intertwined into one. We believe that this merging is the foundation of a vibrant, successful marriage. It is a union of two souls into one all the while keeping  their unique individuality. It also symbolizes our unity as officiants with our couples,  " connecting  heart to heart " to create a deep, meaningful, and, yes, fun ceremony for you!




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