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Planning a Wedding Checklist



      Here we have gathered together for you a compilation of information and links for planning a wedding day checklist to make your special day your best day ever. An OBX destination wedding location can be a great experience and part of our job at OBX Ministries is to help you reduce the stress which often comes with a wedding ceremony, especially an OBX best destination wedding at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

     Providing this information is another valuable service we offer you within the framework of our CARE model (Compassion Acceptance Respect Enthusiasm) of wedding officiating.  Remember, we are your wedding officiants, not wedding planners, so our primary focus is on officiating your ceremony and attending to the details relating to that component.  In addition to officiating your wedding celebration, we can refer you to other reliable vendors - including planners – as well as offer both pre and post marital coaching and spiritual counseling at very reasonable rates. Call us today to save the date and begin the process with CARE!  Then we will send you this comprehensive Resource Guide to begin the process. It is yet another way for us to “communicate heart to heart" and be of maximum service to you!


 ☺☺☺Once you save the date with us, we will send ALL of the information below and more!!☺☺☺

WEDDING DAY CHECKLIST  Here's a  basic checklist for your important wedding day planning details .

WEDDING CEREMONY CHECKLIST This checklist covers the key details of the ceremony itself.


TRADITIONAL WEDDING  CEREMONY ELEMENTS Use the structure that fits your style.

WEDDING VOWS  Copy or create your own special vows. We will be happy to help!

WEDDING READINGS  For inspiration only. Incorporate your own especially significant readings into your celebration.

WEDDING RITUALS  If a ritual speaks to you, by all means use it.

NC MARRIAGE LAWS Know what is required well in advance.

BEACH POLICIES and PERMITS Again, know what is required well in advance.

BEAUTIFUL LOCAL VENUES Yes, the  beach is  beautiful, but there are other great options for your OBX wedding venue!